How High Should You Hang Art on Your Wall?

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As anyone who has faced the challenge of sprucing up a plain room can attest, interior decorating can be difficult. Choosing home furnishings in Batesville, AR takes time, patience and research, and selecting the best decorations to accentuate that furniture can take even more. Then comes the challenge of placing decorations in the proper places.

When done correctly, adding art and photographs to your walls is a great way to bring your home to life, match your furniture and display your personality. Most people assume that hanging art isn’t very difficult, but did you know there’s actually a science behind placing art on your walls? Read on to learn tips and tricks for hanging wall art like an expert.

How high you should hang art

The best interior designers recommend you hang art or photographs so that the center of the art sits between 57 and 60 inches (around 5 feet) from the floor. This goes against the typical “hang at eye level” advice, which can be tricky when being told to people of different heights. However, 60 inches is around the average sightline for a human being.

Hanging art or photos at this height is most appropriate for places where visitors will most often be standing, such as in a foyer or hallway. In rooms where you are most often sitting, like a living room or dining room, hang art a little lower than 60 inches so it’s easier to see from a seated position.

Hanging tips and tricks

Sometimes, hanging art at a steady 60 inches isn’t appropriate because of its design or relation to other furniture. In these cases, make adjustments as necessary and trust your gut.

When hanging large art over a piece of furniture like a bed frame or sofa, it usually looks best when the bottom of the frame is positioned 6 to 12 inches above the top of the furniture. If you’re dealing with long, vertical pieces of art, aim to keep the top third of the piece around eye level to fill the wall appropriately.

When placing art on large, empty walls, avoid using very small pieces, as they can look out of place at the center of an empty space. Try to add additional pieces to form a collection on the wall, or place small, individual pieces on more narrow walls, such as between doorways.

It’s usually easier to hang art or photos with the help of another person; they can hold the frame and adjust while you step back and view the wall from multiple angles to find the perfect spot. If you are hanging art by yourself, it helps to make a piece of paper the size of your frame and tape it in the desired place on your wall. This lets you step back and examine the placement and make adjustments before pounding holes in your wall.

Hire interior design help

If you think you lack the necessary skills to properly arrange your home furnishings in Batesville, AR, hire an interior designer to do the work for you. At David’s Home and Sleep Center, we staff an experienced interior decorator to assist customers with arranging their furniture for the best possible outcome.

Our store in Batesville, AR also offers a wide variety of top-quality home furnishings for every room in your house. Stop by to browse our selection today!

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