How to Use Mirrors As Décor for Any Room

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You probably have at least one mirror in your home, likely over a bathroom sink or set in a vanity. But did you know that mirrors also make excellent home decor in Batesville, AR? Mirrors aren’t merely functional pieces—while they certainly fulfill a functional purpose by letting us checking our reflections, they also have the power to open up a small space, reflect light and even act as the central piece of decoration on a wall.

If you’re looking to spruce up an empty wall, fill a space over a table or shelf or open up a smaller room or hallway, decorating with a mirror can make a huge difference. Try some of these tips to put mirrors to use in almost any room in your home:

  • In decorative frames: One of the most popular ways to add a mirror to your home decor in Batesville, AR is to install it inside a unique-looking frame. The best part of this is that the mirror will match your existing decor no matter what—you just need to find a frame that suits your style. Use an ornately carved frame for more traditional styles, or opt for a bright pop of color to make the mirror stand out on your wall. These mirrors look great in living rooms, hallways and bedrooms.
  • Grouped gallery-style: Another simple tip is to group framed mirrors together on a single wall. You might choose to hang two or three identical mirrors spaced equally to create a balanced look, or group together multiple smaller mirrors in different frames to bring eclectic unity to a unique blend of styles. This look is best achieved on a larger, more open wall in a living room, dining room or kitchen.
  • Oversized floor mirrors: Mirrors can help open up your space and make it look bigger while maintaining simplicity. Prop an oversized mirror in a simple frame against a wall in your living room, bedroom, entryway or at the end of the hallway for a touch of elegance and reflected light paired with functionality.
  • Behind a dining room table: Adding a large mirror to a busy room like the dining room can create the illusion of more space. To achieve the best effect, look for a mirror that takes up the majority of the upper part of the wall nearest to the dining room table.
  • Backsplashes: Mirrors can make a statement when installed as the backsplash for your stove or substituting for tile in the bathroom. Paired with neutral color schemes, a mirrored backsplash gives off a modern vibe and is certain to draw the attention of guests.
  • On wardrobe panels: For smaller houses or apartments, installing mirrors on existing furniture like wardrobe panels can help brighten up the space, make it look larger and provide you with a functional and stylish area for dressing.
  • Tabletops: Use small or large mirrors as decoration atop tables like end tables or dining tables. Mirrors make great centerpieces, especially with decorations like candles or flowers on top of them.

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