Use Home Furniture in Batesville, AR to Keep the Entryway of Your Home Clean and Inviting

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The entryway or foyer is the first thing guests see when they enter your home. It’s also the place where you tend to dump random things you may need as you run out the door—keys, jackets, shoes, umbrellas, purses and more. People gather in the foyer to say hello and goodbye, so this needs to be a space that’s not only functional, but also clean and inviting.

Many homeowners are tempted to keep their entryways as sparse as possible to deter people from cluttering the area, instead shuffling guests directly into the nearest decorated room. If your entryway is looking a little bare and uninviting, it’s time to add some decor and home furniture in Batesville, AR and liven this important space up. Be sure to consider style, mood and color when putting these furnishings together.

Functional furniture

There are a few staple pieces of furniture that can not only add style to the foyer, but serve functional purposes as well. One of the most important is an end table, low bookshelf or small shelving unit that is placed against a wall. These spaces allow you to decorate the tops with small decor, place much-needed things like dishes for keys and the mail and store things underneath. Consider adding baskets inside a bookshelf to house scarves, mittens and other accessories.

A bench is another important piece of furniture to place in this space. It provides a place to add a decorative cushion and pillows, and can be used to put on shoes or just sit and chat. If a bench is too large, consider adding a single chair or small sofa or ottoman against the wall for a similar effect.

Decorative furniture

In addition to some larger furnishings, consider introducing a few pieces of decorative furniture to augment the style and inviting nature of your entryway. Install a few shelves and hooks behind your door or lining the hall into your home to provide places for people to hang coats, purses and the like.

A carpet runner is a great addition, particularly if you have hardwood or tile floors. Make sure the door is able to swing open without getting snagged and that the runner is not too long for the space.

Additionally, build up the light in the foyer with a tabletop lamp or a few wall sconces. These are particularly helpful if you don’t have large windows in the entryway and the space tends to get dark.

Wall decor

Finally, decorating your foyer is all about adding some decorations to the walls. This is particularly important if you have plain white walls or a more neutral color scheme. Grouped photographs can bring dimension to a bare wall opposite shelves or hooks and distract from any clutter.

Framed mirrors placed above tables or oversized mirrors propped against walls can act as a statement piece, and give people leaving the house the ability to check their appearance on their way out.

If you have a statement piece like a large piece of artwork, the foyer might be a great place to put it, especially if you have large, blank walls. Just be sure that the piece matches the overall aesthetic of the room and the other decorative pieces you may have.

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