How Often Should You Clean and Replace Your Pillow?

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We spend a large chunk of our lives tucked into bed, sleeping peacefully. Our mattresses play an important role in our comfort while we sleep, but so do our pillows. Over time, your pillow will get lumpy, deflate and get dirty. When this happens, you’ll need to visit a mattress store in Batesville, AR and pick up a new one.

Because pillow degradation is gradual, we might not realize that our pillow isn’t providing enough support or isn’t clean until we are consistently getting a bad night’s sleep. To avoid having trouble sleeping and prevent neck or head pain, stay up to date with cleaning and replacing your pillows.

How often you should replace pillows

In general, pillows should be replaced every 12 to 18 months. While replacing your pillow every year may seem like overkill, remember that we spend a third of our days asleep, and all those hours add up!

Some pillows last longer than others. For example, down and feather pillows should be replaced every year because they tend to become lumpy and matted inside, whereas latex pillows hold their shape longer and can be replaced closer to every two years. High-quality memory foam pillows can also last between 18 and 36 months.

Lower-quality and inexpensive pillows will usually need to be replaced more often, as well. These pillows are typically not made with the best materials, meaning they will degrade and worsen your quality of sleep faster.

Signs you need to replace your pillow

If you are unsure of whether your pillow should be replaced or not, there are a few tests you should conduct.

First, take off the pillowcase and examine your pillow’s appearance. Is the pillow stained or yellowed? Does it smell? Pillows get extremely dirty over time, collecting dust, dead skin cells, mold, bacteria and more. If your pillow looks or smells unsightly, it’s time to toss it and head to a mattress store in Batesville, AR to select a new, clean pillow.

Next, you can try the fold test. Take your pillow and fold it in half. Ideally, your pillow will spring back to its usual shape. If it stays there, folded, it means it’s time to replace it. These pillows will not provide you with the support you need for a good night’s sleep.

Pillow cleaning tips

Replacing your pillow every year or so helps mitigate health problems related to breathing in bacteria. However, replacement is not enough. You should be actively cleaning your pillow between replacements to both extend the life of the pillow and keep your bed clean.

You sweat, drool and lose skin cells during your sleep, all of which gets soaked into your pillow. Sound gross? That’s exactly why you need to clean your pillowcases and pillows routinely! In general, pillowcases should be removed and washed every three weeks, while the pillows themselves should be washed every three months.

Some pillows can go into the dryer, while others will be ruined. Always check the tag on your pillow for proper washing instructions.

When it’s time to replace your old, dirty pillow, visit David’s Home and Sleep Center! Our furniture and mattress store in Batesville, AR can help you find the perfect pillow for a great night’s sleep, along with high-quality furniture for your entire home.

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