Do You Need “Fast Furniture” or Well Constructed Furniture?

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When you go furniture shopping, one of the questions you’ll need to consider is whether you need something quick and easy or something that’s built to last. While there are certainly places for particleboard shelving or other cheap, easily assembled options, in general, if you’re going to purchase a major piece of furniture you want to last for years to come, it will need to be something well constructed.

But how do you know if something has been built well? Here’s some information from a furniture store in Batesville, AR to help you out.

Wooden furniture

From a structural standpoint, just about any kind of solid wood or sturdy plywood should last you for years. If you opt for plywood furniture, it should have at least nine layers if it’s going to be structurally sound.

Be sure to check any wood you purchase for knots, as these knots are susceptible to breaking and cracking. Some types of wood have more knots than others, such as pine. This makes them less desirable than other woods. You definitely should not trust particleboard, pressed wood or fiberboard to last you any significant length of time.

Veneers are often used in high-quality furniture to “dress up” lower quality pieces of wood. If the base is solid wood or good plywood, this is perfectly fine, but you should keep in mind that it will limit the number of times you can refinish that item, due to the thinness of the veneer.

With regard to the actual construction of the furniture, you should first look at the joints. You don’t want to rely on anything held together by staples or nails. If you can see the wood glue, that should also be a warning sign of poor quality construction. Instead, look for dowels or screws at a minimum. The best quality joints are dovetails or mortise-and-tenon joints—this indicates high-quality workmanship.

In addition, you should look for thin sheets of wood placed between doors in chests or desks. This helps improve the structural integrity of the furniture while protecting the contents of the drawers.

Upholstered furniture

Cushions should be made of foam blocks wrapped with cotton, Dacron or down with a protective inner cover. Foam-only cushions are not as durable or comfortable.

You can check the quality of construction of the furniture in several ways. First, sit down in various spots to see if there’s consistent firmness. You shouldn’t tip or sink. If you can remove the cushions, pull them up and press down on the deck underneath, and you should feel even spacing and pressure resistance. You should also squeeze the back and arms. If you can feel the frame through the padding, it’s not a very high-quality piece of furniture.

For more information about how you can determine the quality of the construction or composition of a piece of furniture, reach out to the team at David’s Home and Sleep Center. We encourage you to contact our furniture store in Batesville, AR today with any questions, or to check our stock!

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